Who am I?

There is so much to tell you and I don't particularly know where to start…

Well, as this is about me I should start by telling you that I am a mother. I have kids. They make my life very busy and I get caught up in the whirlwind tizzle of organising daily life, and I am carefully preparing for Plan A and Plan B, plus all of those weekend activities that sometimes I very easily forget that these are the best days of my life. I like it when I am reminded to take things a little bit slower, breathe a little bit deeper and enjoy the honour of raising my children.

Secondly, I am a lover. That sounds a bit icky I know, but I am a lover and not a fighter by nature and I am an 'icky' lover to my darling partner in life, Matty. I believe that he is the most wonderful person that I have ever come across, and I am so happy with the way in which very particular and peculiar circumstances made certain that we would forever become embedded in each others’ lives. Close to seven years ago, we had a moment where our eyes met and we shared a drink and a dance in a warm and crowded beer garden by the beach, a moment which has lasted right up until this very day. When I met Matty he left me with an impressionable feeling that I had honestly never felt before. It was a feeling of longing and loss before it had even started. We made contact everyday after that encounter and we spent time together as often as we possibly could. During the tiny portions of time that we weren’t together, I pined and it hurt. Work was a measly distraction. What really sealed the deal was a balmy week of camping together. Life could not go back after that. We were truly long lost friends. Singing in the car, holding hands as we drove, laughing at our inability to put a tent up and taking photographs of each other swimming underwater at empty beaches littered up the coast. That summer was special. Seven summers have since passed and we have spent that time creating a little family, a family which I love to miniscule, atomic bits. Everything that I do is always with the intention of bringing them love and happiness. We have one boy and one girl. They both look like me, but we are always searching for ways in which they look like might look like Matty.

Thirdly, I am Me. I am a teacher and I love photography, fashion and food.
In the small pockets of my free time, I enjoy developing my photography skills and I spend way too much time adoring beautiful photography because lovely photography make me feel all warm and gooey. I am not a major fashion fanatic, but I am fanatical enough to make sure that my undergarments are always matching. I do also enjoy the luxury of nicely stitched handbags, wearing fine fitting jeans, moving around in soft comfortable fabrics and splurging on a bright and creamy lipstick or nail polish every now and then.
To be honest with you, food is more my thing. I guess that is where I would be fanatical. By that statement, can you guess my star sign? My fascination with food has led me down many experimental paths, I have been vegetarian, pescatarian, low GI, vegan, raw, high protein, sugar free and paleo, and some of these more than once. What I have learned from those ‘phases’ is that I enjoy experimenting with the simplicity of real, fresh food. I am an enthusiastic cook and I love eating a delicious meal alongside my family. I believe that sharing a wonderful and tenderly prepared meal is one of life's most loving moments to be wholly enjoyed and truly treasured. Moments like that simply sum it all up for me and they make me feel very lucky.
Now that I’ve started to tell you a little bit about me, why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? I’d love to hear from you, here’s my email.

Insidethetreasurebox at gmail dot com.