Tuesday, 9 September 2014


The long drive out to Glenmore House was so majorly worth it! Here are some snapshots of the Slow Living Workshop - Sydney, which I attended last weekend. It was hard not to be a little star struck and feel like a nerd-burger by the amazing talent at the event, of who were unbelievably down-to-earth and fantastic teachers. To have Beth, Rebekka and Luisa collaborating together to deliver a workshop like this was a once in a lifetime event and I was so stoked to be there, particularly as workshops are my most favourite way to learn! The theme of this two day workshop was to be able to live the content of which you photograph, we focussed on textiles regarding natural dip dying, baking, styling and photography. During which we were fed amazing food by the very talented people from Arthur Street Kitchen, The Floury Baker and an amazing debut from Claire Dickson-Smith who cooked us an amazing dinner and lunch, and the workshop was beautifully styled by the wonderfully talented stylist and Perth Kinfolk host Stacy Clark.
I have a bazillion photographs which I plan on sorting out and posting about over the coming weeks. I have a few new skills and interests stemming from the workshop which I am already stuck into. The first being the making of a bunch of naturally dyed tea towels using the colouring from avacado seeds and I am going to try and use some eucalyptus leaves from my backyard. The second will be to try my hand at making some gallettes or pies, from scratch........which means making my own pie dough. Beth made a delicious rhubarb gallete and I am going to try using her pie dough recipe which can be found in her recipes on her blog. By the end of the two days I was somehow overwhelmed but the fire in my belly was blazing and I was mostly inspired to continue chipping away at developing my style and to continue investing and prioritising time into learning and developing new skills. 

What workshops have you attended lately?

Images taken using Canon 5D Markiii//50mm 1.4
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  1. Jackie! I am in LOVE with your photos! You got some seriously amazing shots of last weekend. I wish some of mine as turned out as good as yours. And I may have actually squealed out loud when I saw the photo of me.... haha.

  2. Thank you for being me 'model' Kath, it was so lovely to see a familiar face :) Thank you babe, your words make me smile. I had so much fun last weekend. We should do a Lost and Found workshop together? xo

  3. haha you are welcome. I'm going to the lost & found department workshop with Nadine Ingram next month!