Monday, 1 September 2014


A transition happened today, people were splaying out their egyptian towels and waxing their boards on the beach without a wetsuit. Warmth blew across the seas todays and the water was unbelievably inviting. The heaviness of winter lifted and the timing was perfect. This year has been exciting and full of changes, I have been through some personal struggles which have cast a slight darkness on some of my days, but I have been learning to let go and transition forwards and I feel as though Spring has come at perfect timing. Today I met up with a friend and we both soaked up the fresh salty air and some sunshine while our babes sat happily in their strollers chewing on their teething toys. Afterwards, I took off to do the school pick up and on the way I was in a thought bubble of what to cook for dinner tonight. But I found myself thinking about dessert instead. Arriving home with my kids and two bottles of fresh cream and a jar of Bonne Maman caramel spread, I got to work making some "No churn condensed milk ice-cream" which I spied here. This recipe had me at condensed milk. It's currently in the freezer, freezing - so I will post photographs of my efforts tomorrow. Tomorrow I will celebrate the coming of spring with ice-cream at breakfast.

How will you be celebrating the coming of Spring this week?

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