Sunday, 28 September 2014


 Oh my glob, can you believe that this entire set was sitting on the side of the road? As soon as I saw it, I pulled over, knocked at the front door and asked if it was free. You can only imagine the beating of my palpitating heart when they said yes. I took two chairs with me and then came back to claim the rest by foot. It was only nine houses down the road from mine, and it was a collective effort taking the four chairs and the table (which is quiet heavy as it has an extendable center) down the road and up our dirt driveway. So the old table got promoted outside to our deck and this little set got a wipe down and is now our main table. I am inlove and feeling very lucky!! This is exactly what I have been looking for and I would have been willing to pay for it. 

Thank you Universe! What are your top pre-loved finds?

Images taken using Canon 5D Markiii//50mm 1.4
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