Sunday, 7 September 2014



Our home is a constantly evolving job site and the longer we live in it, the more our ideas change to suit the practicality of our way of living. Last weekend he decided to work on clearing the side of our home to build a set of brick steps up to our back garden, using the remaining recycled bricks that he sourced for the building of the extension of our little home. I am just amazed watching him work. He mixes the mud like a seasoned cake maker who knows the exact quantities by eye and feel, picking up the bricks like soft sponges and laying them all out in a thought out manner involving all of the maths that I zoned out on in highschool combined with the experience of a person who just intuitively knows because they have used their hands to build many things. Our son occassionally stops and watches his daddy but he is mostly chasing J-Lo our chookie around and Vinnie is sitting in her bouncer chair looking pug-faced while watching her dad mixing mud in the barrow and disappear and reappear from around the corner. These regular but fleeting moments are the ones that I bank in my memory for the days when I am old and grey.

What weekend jobs are you chipping away at in your home?

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