Sunday, 14 September 2014





We need this. Every few months, we just need to pack ourselves into the car and drive up the coast. It seemed a bit impossible as there is always stuff to be done, but we did what had to be done and by midday we were driving up the highway, towards the sunshine and the salty air.

Our tummies were rumbling as we approached the two hour mark and we decided to stop for a make do picnic to enjoy a late lunch of fresh bread rolls, soft cheese, ham and olives; and the boys ran off and came back with a bundle of baked pastries from the local bakery. After a few rounds of kicking the footy and picking at the last bites of lunch we packed up and continued our drive with the sun chasing along beside us. We pulled over into this driveway to enjoy the last rays of sunlight which stretched itself way over the open land making long shadows which leaned over and through the fences. Sitting in the car with my family, watching the sun close another day. This was what we needed. What I needed. And it was only going to get better.

The last thing I remember before sleeping was Matty asking me if I wanted to watch the sun rise with him. We both woke at the same time and snuggled for a bit longer before we decided that we were dangerously close to missing the sun rise. Paddy was committed to the warmth of his bed, so us three quietly filled the car and left him in the snoozing home with Nana and Pop. We were a little late as a wavy orange fringe was peeking through the macadamia orchards as we drove down to the beach. But we managed to make it there to watch her yawn out those rays across the sea as she slowly lifted up into the sky. Looking down at my cold sandy toes, I noticed the large Kangaroo paw prints embedded into the sand next to the balled up sand by the crabs. The sun was shining bright after twenty minutes and the beach was stark, it was amazing. It was hard to believe that we were the only ones there, I relished in the solitude surroundings, I felt free. I am free.

What is it that you need?

Images taken using Canon 5D Markiii//50mm 1.4
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