Sunday, 26 October 2014




The beach was only a short drive, but inside of a hot car the minutes are like hours. We had the windows rolled down and the airconditioner blasting cool air through the vents, our hair tumbled into a hot mess as we eyed the bushy landscape buzzing alongside us as we drove.
Before making our way down to the beach we flicked off our thongs by the stairs and we hot stepped our way down to the beach. It wasn't long before we were dripping with sea water, including a rosey cheeked Vinnie who cried at her first dance in the ocean, I think that she was much happier to sit by the waters foamy edge and watch the rhythmic shoreline slither up to her porky little feet. We all walked down to the corner end of the beach and explored a cave which was nice and cool. Inside the cave we found a small rabbit hole of a cave entrance and of course I hitched up my skirt and I crawled into the darkness. The bravery was momentary, I shot out in a fast reverse crawl after something flew past my face in the pitch black. What I thought was a bat (or possibly a huge spider like the one from the 1986 movie classic, The Labyrinth) turned out to be one of many little  cutesy sparrows living inside of the cave. Hubby was laughing and kicking himself at not being quick enough with the camera to have captured my failed Indiana Jones moment.

Images taken using Canon 5D Markiii//50mm 1.4
Please do not use my images without permission.

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