Thursday, 12 June 2014


All photographs taken using an iphone5.
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Earlier this year I was heavily pregnant with my second child. It was a hot Australian summer and I was slowly losing my mobility in the thickness of the heat. Puffy fingers, swollen ankles, you know the spiel. Paddy and I were enjoying our last moments together before the arrival of his sister and we enjoyed picnics at the beach, yum cha dates and hours at our local game centre. It sounds silly now, but at the time I was feeling guilty and anxious that I was responsible for changing this equilibrium of peace and contentment by bringing in another child into the family. When Matty and I decided to start renovating our house in the final weeks of my pregnancy, I took the opportunity to take Paddy away from the building site that we called home, and on a little holiday up to Nan and Pop’s place. Just me and him. It was kind of like a coming of age I guess, because he was also starting school in February and his sisters due date was burgeoning in the weeks after that. So I took this time together to be like a full stop to toddler-hood and life as an only child, and as a peaceful welcome to the new chapter in both of our lives.

Off we chugged up the coast on a Country Link train to enjoy a couple of long summery weeks with Nan and Pop. We shared salty days at the beach, cool dips in the surrounding rivers, coffee dates at sleepy cafes and the excitement of new holiday friendships for Paddy. Most mornings we were greeted by all sorts of native animals, usually poor little outcast Kangaroos, lone Butcher birds and at night we were graced by a single mum Possum with her babe curled up inside of her pouch. They made frequent returns to Nan and Pops garden, which is always in abundance with available shelter, food and water. Our afternoons were enjoyed with games, reading, yoga and home cooked suppers at the table together. We enjoyed revitalising early nights tucked up into bed with the sounds of nature coming out to soothe us to sleep. When we arrived home we were both a few shades darker, our hair a little drier and our hearts a little closer.

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