Saturday, 14 June 2014


We often fantasize about our amazing Euro road trip. We are going have a car and start in France and then end up in Morroco. Matty has lived a life well travelled compared to me, he has been everywhere, he has lived countless summers in Portugal, frequented Japan, dotted across America and survived the misery of a cold winter in London. A well travelled person is so attractive and it was a small part of his story that really appealed to me when we first met. I have been to the Phillipines several times to visit my family and I lived in Japan for one very exciting year of my life, and what I have always wanted to do is to explore Europe. In the early years after having Paddy, I watched my some of my close friends travels unfold through Facebook, I was green with excitement as my friends mapped out the world; Europe, America, Indonesia, Canada and South America. It was a bit of a lonely time for me and I wondered if I would ever have the chance to travel like that. Matty squeezed my hands in his and said to me, "of course you will get to do that, except you will have a little team with you". I smiled. My mind has been fantasizing about our Euro road trip ever since.

So we are saving for our dream holiday and slowly we have funds trickling in after we take care of the mundane necessities like the mortgage, rates, car insurance, school fees etc. For the moment, we are enjoying our little road trips up and down the east coast of Australia and they seem to hit the spot when the urge to explore sneaks upon us.

Ten of my favourite things about road trips: 

1. Having all of my favourite people together 

2. The music and singing

3. Saying hello to the cows

4. Watching the world smudge by through the window

5. Road side fruit stalls, my heart just opens when I see the honesty boxes

6. Picnic blankets, soft grass and packed lunches

7. The way in which conversations seem to be more constructive inside of a car, e.g. When should we get married, how should we renovate the house, when should we welcome a dog into our family, will we have more kids? 

8. Uncontrolled moments of laughter 

9. Walk in to pay for petrol, walk out with ice-creams

10. Quick dips in the ocean.

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