Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Now she sleeps soundly.

Earlier we held our conversation over her loud cries as I calmly tried everything to settle my girl. I rocked, cradled, cooed and fed my baby girl, over and over again. My friend tried to settle her too. Her square little face strained and turned red as she protested even more. We chatted and talked for as long as it became obvious that Vinnie was not going to settle to sleep. We called it a day and we made our way through her house and back out to my car. Saying our goodbyes through her protesting cries at the driveway. I start the car and her crying stops as we drive away. We arrive home and I gently unbuckle her from the car seat and carefully bundle her up to our blue doors. The blankets in her bassinette were still unravelled from her waking up earlier this morning. I tucked her back into them and watched her relax into her little space.

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