Thursday, 17 July 2014


"Don't forget about our play this afternoon", were his last words this morning as he twisted the straps of his school bag around his shoulders and then he turned on his heel and walked off towards the school gates. Sometimes I get kisses and sometimes I don't. Today was one of those days where I didn't get one. We we spent the last five minutes of the car ride arguing over who forgot to bring his school hat.

The afternoon spent was a lovely contrast to our time this morning. We were both excited to catch up with friends at the park and to have a play. Pat got to get some sand in between his toes and we both looked for the whales which had been sighted playing close to the shore earlier in the day. We saw lots of kids splashing around, people learning to surf and men spear fishing but no whales. In the park the kids played and we chatted and laughed until it started to become dark and the kids let us know that they had had enough when they started chanting for hot chips for dinner.

Images taken using Canon 5D Markiii//50mm 1.4
Kodak Portra 800 & Ilford HP5
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