Tuesday, 8 July 2014


As a kid I can remember attending several Baptisms and my favourite part of the day was always when I finally got to enjoy a slice of the cake which I had been stalking all day. They were usually covered in cloudy-like-tufts of sweet white buttercream icing and it was usually harbouring a vanillary sponge cake or a dense chocolate mudcake underneath. Only once had I been let down, I had innocently thought it was a vanilla sponge cake with chocolate chips and it turned out to be fruit cake. Fruit cake.

On this day Vinnie cried uncomfortably during most of the ceremony and she fell asleep minutes prior to getting her head wet, she howled seconds after her little head became soaked. Paddy was beautifully patient with her crying and his calmness made me calm. After the ceremony Matty was in his element as he started up the BBQ, and Paddy kicked off his formal attire to play with his friends. They ran around the salty oval chasing, kicking and passing the beloved football. The rest of us soaked up the wintry sunbeams as we sat on a patchwork of assorted picnic rugs. My favourite part of the day was when we shared lunch together and finally cut into that cake.

P.S. It was cream cheese frosting + chocolate fudge cake.

P.P.S. Thank you to my beautiful friend Angie, for capturing the first image xo

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