Sunday, 27 July 2014


I had a small pocket of time to myself today. Matty was at home with the kids and they were all fed and ready to rest after a busy morning. I packed my bag and took off by foot. Today our local markets were on and I really love to wander and eat and chat. Sometimes that can be hard to do when you are trying to navigate a pram and keep up with a five year old who is weaving quickly through the crowd, so my intention was to make the most of being solo.
Today I walked across the beach and through a stream of water connecting the lake to the beach. Barefoot and with ankle drenched jeans I found myself wandering the markets walking in the direction of my first priority. Food. I usually go for the gozleme's, they are my go-to-market food but today I went for the "porkwich". It turned out to be an equally delicious decision! Something beyond taste transfers into you when see that the people who are preparing your food are smiling and today it made me feel chatty. On my way back through the markets I enjoyed pausing my steps to savour long conversations with friends and stall holders before I quickly hop-stepped my way along the beach and through the stream of water back home to my family. 

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