Sunday, 17 August 2014


I skipped the gym today to catch up with a gorgeous (soon to be married!!!) friend. We met up at a cafe by the sea and after we ordered we sat and played with Vinnie who was probably the most comfiest person in the cafe. It was one of those slow motion mornings as we got Paddy ready for school today and she was all bed-warm and cosy, still wearing her bright pink pyjama onsie as I buckled her into the car capsule earlier in the morning. In the cafe, she sat on my lap in her pj's eating bits of squashed avacado and dollops of frothed milk from my finger as my friend and I chattered away.
I usually order the breakfast jar which is layered with coconut yoghurt, chia seeds, muesli and fresh fruit, but given the cold weather I went for a cosy bacon and egg damper roll followed by a hot chocolate and a raw key lime tart, which was so delicious that I could have easily eaten more than one slice. 

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