Wednesday, 20 August 2014


This week our mornings have been filled lots of morning cuddles as the rain seems to pour relentlessly on the flat tin roof of our home. Lately I have been investing my pocket money into magazine subscriptions and the problem which I have at the moment, is finding the time to actually sit down and read them. My plan of attack towards this problem is to start a rotation of them in my nappy bag so that I can do some incidental reading while I am out and about. 
I don't usually buy Vogue, but standing in line waiting to pay for my petrol I picked it up and peeled over a page with a very interesting article about the reknowned food blogger, 'What Katie Ate', Katie Quinn Davies. I found the article to be somewhat insightful behind the success and drive of such an admired photographer and stylist but what made me stop and think after I had finished reading it was the heaviness that the writer seemed to have placed on finding a work/life balance which is essentially very difficult when what you do for work is something which you are very passionate about.
The article struck a chord with me because I think that whilst finding a balance is important, it is also important to surround yourself with people who support and uplift you with your dreams and ambitions. Who perhaps understand the 'crazy' which needs to be unleashed in order to develop personal boundaries to establish that precarious balance which is constantly shifting and changing in degrees of priority and intensity.
It seems to be this weeks underlying theme as I read up on other bloggers also expressing their apologies for having been too busy with work to keep up with regular posts, and just last night I went to bed after an interesting conversation with a friend about the human condition regarding addiction to work.

How did you come to realise negative working patterns and what are your suggestions at building a healthy work/life balance, particularly if you have a family?

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